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So here’s the scenario… you moved or have a place in, let’s say, Sarasota.  It doesn’t need to be huge, and most of the time when you are here, it’s just you or you and your significant other.  Occasionally, you have friends and/or family visit, but it typically isn’t for extended periods of time. You have a three-bedroom you are wanting to remodel, but currently, everything seems to just be too small or too close together. What do you do?

The hardest part of the process is allowing yourself to be bold in your decision to renovate. Many times when starting the process of thinking about remodeling, it can be tough to imagine the space outside of its current proverbial “box,” especially if you have owned or been there for a while. Re-envisioning the space for your lifestyle can be imperative. Why go through all of it just to put it back the way it was, especially if it wasn’t the best fit for your lifestyle?

I may ruffle some feathers with this next statement, so here it goes (any realtors reading this may want to turn away now, LOL!).  If you love your home/condo/villa, your location is great, and you don’t plan on going anywhere for a while, why not make your space a two-bedroom instead (there it is… I said it)? I know, you’re thinking that this move will devalue your property, however, if I may… if it’s designed well, that won’t really matter!



Too often, many go through the process thinking about the “next” person who “may” purchase the property, rather than designing it to their liking. You should LOVE your space, not just think it’s okay.

Of course, the idea of re-envisioning the space with one less bedroom is not applicable in every situation, but sometimes your space and how you use it calls for a drastic change like this. For example, maybe the current configuration with the three-bedroom has no dining space and a tiny living room. By removing one of the superfluous bedrooms (let’s be honest, you probably didn’t use it anyway) and combining that newfound square footage into your unit, you may gain the space you always wished you had… two bedrooms with one suite bathroom and a big enough living room to actually fit a sofa in, etc.

So what it comes down to is don’t let your current space dictate the design. Let’s get creative and define your space the way you want it to be!

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Joe Clark is a passionate designer, lighting specialist, published writer, English Premier League fan, and Porsche/Automotive enthusiast who uses his technical background from years of experience in the design, engineering, and building industries to help inspire his clients to journey through the creative process with him.

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