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Contracts Done, What’s Next?

We spend time picking selections, making design decisions and finalizing the numbers. Now what!

Well this is where the real work starts. After signing a contract with Cabinets Extraordinaire/Cabex Construction, there are a lot of things that need to get completed prior to the start of a project. For example, we will need to complete a “Survey” of the project. This is where we will double check our measurements and layouts to be as accurate as possible to assist in the ordering process of both cabinetry and tile/flooring selections.

Next, we order materials such as cabinetry, tile and fixtures. As we are a full custom cabinetry company some of these items can have delivery dates as far as 12 weeks from time of purchase.

During this period there will be several weeks that you may not hear from us. That does not mean we are not working on your project, we absolutely are. Behind the scene the work never stops. We have worked extremely hard at finding the right people to fill the positions to do the tasks required to deliver you an exceptional finished product. Take for example our Purchasing Manager, Kerri who tirelessly checks, double checks and sometimes triple checks the cabinetry layout, the items to be ordered such as faucets, tile and asks any required questions to the manufacture prior to ordering.

So, don’t worry we are working behind the scenes to order and facilitate a product that not only looks amazing, but one that’s works and is highly functional.

The permitting process can also be quite time consuming. We will file for the permit after it too is checked for accuracy and completed so that once filed, we receive the permit without problem.

Once we have received all the delivery dates and the permit has been approved for pick up, we can start the process of scheduling out the project. We are aware that up to this point almost all of the information you have received was from your Designer however the scheduling process is done by your assigned Project Manager. He will contact you to set up a “PCC” which is a “pre-construction conference”. That is a meeting where things such as “where is the water and electrical shut-offs”. Is there furniture, flooring and other important personal items that need to be moved or protected. This is a time where “you” the homeowner can ask any of the questions you might have also. Once we are all on the same page, we will can proceed with the start of the project.

So, remember these few things:

  • Selections, Design and Contract - done with Designer
  • Survey - done with Designer and Project Manager
  • Permits and materials ordered - done by the inhouse support team
  • Scheduling of the project - with Project Manager
  • PCC meeting- done with Designer and Project Manager
  • Project start – The Whole TEAM!

Construction in your home can be nerve racking and disruptive to your daily routine. We will do everything we can to minimize these disruptions and keep you informed of the process along the way. But, it is construction and more than likely there are minor hiccups along the way. Please prepare to maybe eat meals out or use the “other” Bathroom during the build phase of the project. If it is a large-scale project meaning multiple rooms, it might be wise to move out of the house for the period of the remodel. Something you should discuss with your Designer and Project Manager.

Why 50% Down!

When we enter into a contract there are purchases and fee’s that need to be paid immediately. Let’s take cabinetry and permits. Cabinetry is most often the largest expense when doing a project and those need to be paid for upfront because they are custom built specifically for your project and only your project. Once we place an order, we can’t make any changes or cancel at any time.  Permitting cost and other state and local fee’s associated with construction industry are another item that require upfront payment. Countertops are also a large purchase made by us and in order for the fabricator to hold your selected countertop a 50% deposit must be made immediately to secure the product. SO now you know why the 50% down payment is so important and what it is used for.


We hope with all of this new information you have learned it is both informative and reassuring that we have your project and your needs covered!


 We look forward to working together with you on your project. We welcome you to the Cab Extra Family.

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