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Stuck at Home? Spend Your Time Designing

Stuck at home without a whole lot to do but binge-watch some Netflix? Let’s be honest, that only works for a little while before you’re bored, right? (LOL!) Now would be the perfect time to start working on a new design for a space in your home!

I know you guys have been staring at that one bathroom (or insert other rooms of choice here) for years, wishing you would have done something to it, so here is your chance! You have a bit of extra time on your hands, so spend that time investing in finding out what your “ultimate” space would be. Look up photos of rooms for inspiration, find colors that you love, just all around allow yourself to be creative as creativity (next to laughter) is really great medicine. Then we can help take your dream board, mix it all together, add some chocolate chips (sorry, I had a craving there for a second for some cookies), and come up with a design customized to you, your space, and your vision!

As designers, there is a lot that we can do remotely to help you with your design journey, especially now with all of the technology and fun websites at our fingertips: Skype, Facetime, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Houzz… you get the idea. With all of this available, a lot of the design and selection process can be done remotely, which means that those home improvement projects don’t need to be put on hold (it’s actually a really great time to work on designs!). Plus, with UPS and the Post Office still operating, we have the ability to send you samples when needed as well.

In this unique time in history, we are all adapting daily to the changes and doing what we can to stay safe and healthy, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun and be creative. So, though many of you may need to be at home, we can still work with you remotely. With that being said, and with our time away from the “everyday life,” how about investing in something new, and let’s work together to make your designs a reality!

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Joe Clark is a passionate designer, lighting specialist, published writer, English Premier League fan, and Porsche/Automotive enthusiast who uses his technical background from years of experience in the design, engineering, and building industries to help inspire his clients to journey through the creative process with him.

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