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An Ever-Changing World of Design and Construction

The design and construction world is forever changing, and our industry saw some of those changes last month. Some of our staff went to KBIS (Kitchen Bath Industry Show) in Las Vegas. While they were there, they had classes to sharpen their skills and stay up to date on licensing and education. They also spent the better part of two days walking a show that was over one million square feet. So much to see and learn. We go to these types of events so that we can share what’s going on in the business and the newest and latest items coming to the marketplace. Something that jumped out at me at KBIS was the Champagne Gold hardware and plumbing fixtures. I can’t help but fall in love with this color. It’s gaining traction, and we’re seeing it used more and more. The color is just stunning while screaming “look at me!”

Gold Champagne Faucet

It looks like as we move further into 2020, we’ll be seeing more contemporary designs with flashes of bright color, and more textured finishes will be used. We continue to get excited by the ideas that our clients bring through the door. Since we’re a design/build firm, we can tackle these ideas head on. By the way, when you begin working with us, we offer and encourage you to use our FREE design services. We have award-winning designers on staff who are ready to help you get through the many questions and selections prior to the remodeling construction process. Just think… you’ll be working with a person who will help you keep track, navigate, and manage the many ideas going through your head. We work to make it less stressful by limiting selections and keeping them pertinent to your budget and wish list.

Remember, this process can be fun. Our staff operates so that you can relax and enjoy the moment and finally, the remodel itself. We’re continuing to grow as a company, and we hope that 2020 brings us great projects that not only keep us busy but will challenge us to think outside the box.

We’re starting to move in a direction that offers more transparency while sharing great information, pictures, and online blogs. We believe social media is the future of client communications and inspiration. So, please visit us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We look forward to your comments and likes on these platforms. Thank you for taking the time to read this and catch up on what we’re doing!

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Dan has been one of the Suncoast’s leading kitchen and bath professionals for over a decade and has been a part of over 1,300 projects. He has a true passion for connecting with clients and bringing their dream spaces to life while implementing a fun, energetic, and enjoyable construction experience.

Redefine Your Home to Fit Your Lifestyle

Have you been in your home a while and want to change things up a bit? Or are you in the process of building and aren’t sure what to do with the space?

These sorts of questions come up more often than not, and it typically has to do with how a space is defined. Floor plans typically “define” areas in order to help clarify the space, and the tendency is to go with those parameters as you are designing your home. However, you don’t necessarily need to follow these definitions (a simple example would be using your “den” as an “office”). What I’m alluding to in this case is something that I’m sure many of you have experienced: the “multiple dining syndrome” (yes, we’re coining the phrase!). This “syndrome” is defined by having your “dining room” next to your island, which is right next to your “breakfast area” and adjacent to your “bar.” You end up with four spaces contiguous to one another that all serve the same purpose of being the landing point to eat. Why do you need so many so close together? What tends to happen when they’re all in such tight proximity to one another is that at least one of the spaces typically becomes a drop zone for a vast array of things (those of you with piles of mail, laundry, etc. in your dining room because you don’t use it know what I’m talking about!), so in essence, it becomes a wasted piece of square footage. I’m here to tell you, there is a solution!

What is that, you might ask? You’ve all heard the term “re-purpose” as it is associated with design, but what I am proposing is to “redefine.” You have a formal dining space you want to keep… check!  Now, you eat your breakfast mostly at the kitchen island, so what should you do with the “breakfast nook?” Why don’t you make this a sitting area? These areas are typically right next to a bay window or a view to the outdoors, so why not remove the table and chairs, add a couple of lounge chairs (or if you’re feeling frisky and debonair, how about a pair of wingback chairs?) and use the area to enjoy your coffee in the morning or read a book.

All of this to say, just because the space “says” it should be one way, doesn’t mean it has to be only that. Redefine and “re-purpose” to suit your lifestyle!

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Joe Clark is a passionate designer, lighting specialist, published writer, English Premier League fan, and Porsche/Automotive enthusiast who uses his technical background from years of experience in the design, engineering, and building industries to help inspire his clients to journey through the creative process with him.

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