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What Makes a Great Team?

At Cabinets Extraordinaire, our staff is our #1 asset.

As a team, we have what we believe is the most knowledgeable, friendly, and well-rounded team in the area if not the state. We have carefully chosen each member of our team and have also gone to great lengths to ensure that we all not only bring to the table a ton of design and construction knowledge, but also people whose personalities mesh well with the team we have in place.

Dawn, Kerri, Lisa, and Tracy are an integral part of our staff who bring so many things together that fit beautifully and perfect. Before and after the process of design and the completion of a project, many items must stay on track such as ordering, processing purchases, client scheduling, change orders, billing, and so many other things that get done daily behind the scenes. Looking at our construction team, two words come to mind: “thorough and competent.” Dealing with multiple projects of different sizes and complexity, our team of Project Managers work tirelessly to keep things moving in a forward direction at a pace that satisfies our clients and other trades working hand and hand with Cabinets Extraordinaire.

We too think that our team of construction personnel is the best of the best. We believe this to be true, not because we just felt like saying it, but because time after time, our clients have told us that “we just get it” and that “we really know what we are doing.” As a team, we choose to grow through continued education, group exercises, and staying up to date with current and lasting trends. And finally, we grow by respecting each other and by working as a team. We learn and grow together while enjoying the complex world of remodeling and renovations. So, by continuously working together to achieve our clients’ wants and wishes, we continue to build the rock-solid foundation that is Cabinets Extraordinaire.

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Dan has been one of the Suncoast’s leading kitchen and bath professionals for over a decade and has been a part of over 1,300 projects. He has a true passion for connecting with clients and bringing their dream spaces to life while implementing a fun, energetic, and enjoyable construction experience.


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