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'Tis the Season to Wrap Your Walls

Wallpaper. The word, for some, causes cringing and snarling due to the thought of the horrendous stripes and floral patterns of old. I am here to tell you that these beautifully awful patterns are indeed no longer in vogue. However, the use of wallpaper still is! I know this may come as a shock, but there are some really great products out there that are no longer a “grandma’s sitting room” sort of pattern. Plus, with the development of the paper itself, along with glues to help bind it to a wall, it is much easier to remove in case you change your mind down the road. Since it’s Christmas and wallpaper can be like wrapping paper, I thought now would be a fun time to talk about it!

With the development in the styles as well as the application, wallpaper has become a fun medium to create with. 3-D forms, monochromatic patterns, exaggerated geometric shapes… all inspiring creativity and adding texture to a space. Texture, when in relation to design, doesn’t always mean a physical element that you can touch. It also applies visually to a space. When you go the route of adding texture to a room, you can in turn create depth to your design, which, as a result, adds warmth to your space. As we all know, adding that warmth to the design of a space helps create that transition from just being a house to being your home. 

So, if home is where your heart is, and your heart loves glitter (Dawn!), then give yourself a gift for your home this holiday season. “Wrap” a room/powder bath/etc. with a fun, exciting, sparkly (and even 3D) wallpaper that will inspire joy within you throughout the year!

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